The Scopes

Just like a culture, a brand cannot be imitated. Try as you may to reproduced the feelings and emotions, it will never be the same. We and our agenda... Different and stereotyped.

We are the design strategist that offers strategy and collaboration between multiple disciplines including brand management and brand evolution to go beyond just advertisements with beautiful images or motion. It’s a process that results in captivating copy, innovative visuals, and intelligent strategic execution.

We believe in creativity and imagination with strategy; embracing the perspective of our clients and discoveries to craft the brand as intended

Brand Strategy

We work closely with our client to know their audience, purpose and voice. Making sure the right song goes to the right listeners. We then work together to define the goal and milestones to achieve.

Brand Positioning
Customer Profiling
Revenue Segmentation
Brand Attributes
Competitive Audit


Brand Building

Here is where we build the brand on our findings and settings in the strategy. Brand building is about turning the brand values and character into a consistent form of communication.

Logo Design & CIS
Naming & Messaging
Brand Guidelines
Brand Activation & Marketing
Environmental Design

Digital Application

Technology is one of the factors of branding. With so much information on the WWW, we help to put it in a way your client can relate to by building the interface not only consistent with the brand but ensure the delight & clarity in user experience.

Website Design/Development
Mobile Apps Development
Social Media Marketing

Digital Content Creation



Inevitably it has become the only medium with the highest engagement in content & information presented by the brand. We create videos with design, animation, live-action & visual effect both in 2D & 3D for brands & businesses.

Script Writing & Storyboard
Motion Graphic & Animation
Post Production

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