Empowering the Women

Love, Bonito was started out as a passion project in Singapore. It has grown widely over the past 8 years, and it is now the leading women’s fashion brand in South East Asia that made for real women by real women.

The co-founder, Rachel Lim was a teen when she first started her fashion blog shop of BonitoChico with her friends. As the business grew, they renamed their company to Love, Bonito and start designing own clothes.

Love, Bonito women put their heart into everything they are doing. They are proud of taking innovative and data-centric. In the meantime, they are considerate in creating the right experiences, products and content for the brand.

In Singapore, the culture of e-commerce is not strong enough; therefore the online store evolved into a physical store for many young Singaporean women who search for trendy and affordable clothes.

There’s once a 24 years old woman with a shaved head. The left side of her body was immobile. This woman had gone through several brain surgeries and had been in and out of a coma. During that time period, she lost everything including her confidence, hair weight and everything.

She overcomes her sickness each day by dressing up Love, Bonito clothes that give her the courage to look in the mirror again.

From this incident, the journey of Love, Bonito was changed and being focused by taking care and love to create pieces that would fit consumers well and flutter their bodies. “Empower women’s confidence by educating them to dress well and right” – tagline of Love, Bonito. The brand wants to share this dream with women all around the world.

Ying Ting

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