Mayan Cigar Lounge

A hidden gem located in Tropicana Grande, offers a unique range of cigars, varying from vintage to rare. Owned by Italian, their manager has been in the cigar industry for almost ten years.

Apart from being a perfect place for cigar aficionados, Mayan Cigar Lounge also helps to indulge people into the cigar culture after going through their stressful days. Moreover, alcohol beverages as well as western and Italians cuisine, are also served in Mayan Cigar Lounge.

Client: Mayan Cigar Lounge
Date: July 2, 2018
Services: Hypothesis Project of Branding

The Challenges

In present days, the interior design of a company was taught to be one of the most critical aspects of enhancing user experience.

However, Mayan Cigar Lounge seemed to be spending on this aspect to create an atmosphere that brings customers into a relax yet luxury mood. The menu design was not on par with the well-built cigar haven atmosphere. However, the exciting part of this place is the origin of the name where the owner pays homage to the Mayan, known to be the first who made the cigar. This ancestry has then spread through the world, flourished, enjoyed and beloved by many. 

The Needs

Aesthetic sync between the environment is the priority in this hypothesis project to make sure all deliverables are in the same direction. That includes all details both subtle and unsubtle. The goal was the holistic brand experience which will leave an everlasting impression for the patrons.

The Proposed Solutions

Some items can be the restaurant’s internal advertising tool, such as panel ad, menu, environmental design and the icons that may appear in the restaurants. The symbols were being design based on research had done by the team on the culture of Mayan.

Other than that, the menu is an excellent tool to let customers about the experience they are about to have. Hence, redesigning Mayan’s list is a crucial task. We need a better version of the menu. To bring out the feeling of Mayan, its characteristics of arts and culture should blend in into the interior look of the lounge. With combing all reformatted elements, the overall design of Mayan Cigar Lounge will, therefore, match with its branding and eventually will create a consistent feel.