Trans Network

Trans Network has various services that include transportation, warehouse & distribution and fulfillment to the customer in any industries.

As a subsidiary company of Multi-Trans Sdn Bhd, Trans Network Sdn Bhd has 10 years’ experience and milestone in this industry serving various industries in fulfilling their logistic needs. It is an one-stop solution of fulfillment company ranging from packing to door-to-door logistic.

Client: Trans Network Sdn Bhd
Date: June 8, 2018
Services: Branding | Website | Content Creation

The Challenges

Trans Network, presenting themselves just like any other logistics company out there. They were staying in the safety zone concerning the design of the company visual front. The message and the visual showed a bland and average design while attempting to push forward an edgy idea of new services (a full turnkey fulfillment house) seems to contradict and confusing. 

To bring out the experience of edgy features, coherent with the visual, a revamping is inevitable. Therefore a modern approach is essential to its brand. With one-stop solution service, Transnetwork provides a platform to empower the e-commerce merchants who have trouble during their own fulfilment to subscribe with Transnetwork in website and business document. The challenge is to build a brand with an innovative attribute to create consumer’s trust while using the services provided. And most importantly, guiding the right consumer to the right provider.


The Needs

As the time goes by, a brand should upgrade their brand elements by following the footsteps
of the target users and move forward by monitoring the user latest trend and believes. By making the brand relevant,
it is crucial to have the design where it ensures the longevity of it. This would help to improve brand awareness and
also build trust when users are being recommended to use their services.


Over time, they need a visual that is volatile to the change of times. The path of heritage might be the path to go,
but we think that it is best to keep an open mind to the design and embrace its evolution.


The Solutions

Below sketching the brand identity elements, two different stylescape
will be provided to define the brand direction of Trans Network. Agency’s intention on the logo design is to have
a longevity in terms of presentation and touch point that the aesthetic fit perfectly into the environment
and services. Therefore, the logo itself can be expanded to another
level when there is a new category of products or services.