The Royal Nest

The Royal Nest is a company who produces, distributes and markets its bird’s nest product throughout China.

Bird’s nest is a luxury wellness supplement known for the many health and beauty benefits because of its high nutritional values. Regular consumption of bird’s nest is said to strengthen organ function and immune systems. Birds nest has been traditionally marketed as a medical remedy with the gift of maintaining beauty and extending longevity. The Royal Nest promises the sale of high quality nutritional bird’s nest to consumers. A product often bought to be presented as gifts, bird’s nest has long been a symbol of prosperity and nourishment; a staple for celebrations and well wishes.

Client: Wen Hao Yen
Date: February 16, 2017
Services: Packaging | Logo

The Challenges

Store shelves are crowded with gimmicky packaging for multiple variations of bird’s nest products. Bright gold, red prints and graphics dominate the majority of rival brands. Traditional packaging proudly reflects upon customary ideas of prosperity with the usual repetitive insignias. We had to think outside of that box and create something that would jump out of the crowd immediately. It had to attract the eye without being garish or tacky.

The Needs

As it is a new company breaking into a highly competitive industry, The Royal Nest was in desperate need of an exceptional brand to break through the noise of this saturated market. It required highly polished packaging and a unique display point to project the excellence of its product.


The Solutions

We swayed heavily against conventional colors and went instead for cool colours that would reflect upon the purity of The Royal Nest’s product. In contrast to other brands, each design was composed of white space and minimal embellishments. The brand logo stands clearly against each designed background and all detailed information is plainly illustrated for ease of access.


Slightly opaque packaging was used so the product could be seen and present the perception of a higher quality product. Two different fonts of varying size was used as typography as the packaging was created to be bi-lingual.


Strategic design and vision was consistently challenged throughout the process to form the ideal look and feel of this product. An impression of luxury, excellent quality and value was the key goal in establishing each design element for this brand.