Miqub is an app that helps to solve problems facing by the property management teams. It helps them to manage things accordingly that able keep things on track and save time.

Client: Miqub Technologies Sdn Bhd
Date: August 16, 2018
Services: Brand Identity

The Challenges

Based on client's past experiences, the property management teams have problems on collecting the maintenance fees on time. When the residents slowly did not pay for the maintenance fees, they will be lack of model to repair the apartment or condo (for example, swimming pool, building cleaning, lift repair and etc).

The Needs

Miqub is doing a business model of B2B. Without the brand identity, Miqub
has the difficulties to approach with the management teams to their channel
although it is a professional management app. Then, a well-documented identity system
and also its applications are crucial to ensure the consistency in the execution of the brand.


The Solutions

The feelings that we want here is the sense of professionalism. Everything is being organized if the app itself by showing the logo in a square form, then there are lines in it representing the documents of the management teams. At the back of the name card will be showing a list of services providing, it is to give a clearer picture of its services and also to remind the name card receiver on the brand.