A brand is known as n.o.d is a brand for wall panel products. Designed and distributed under a company Ricco Decor Sdn Bhd. The director Ms Joliv Kok commisioned us to develop the corporate logo. According to Ms Joliv, the company has categorised their product based on 7 themes. That is playful, cultural, sports, limitless, nature & science, minimalist and futuristic.

The design that goes against all the rules in visual consistency.

Client: n.o.d by Ricco Decor Sdn Bhd
Date: October 16, 2018
Services: Brand Identity | Catalog

The Challenges

The brief of this project spells a problem for the designer's team as the focus weighted on the 7 products themes. As if those themes are easily mistaken for describing the visual attributes. Bryan, our creative director, thought it would be a problem in the future as the client will have trouble articulate their brand. The creative team concluded to have two very fundamental attributes for the visual. Professional or Fun. Our fear is the client to choose the balance of both, to stay in the safety zone which is not ideal for a logo.

The Solutions

After we presented the stylescape, the client opted for Fun, as the fundamental attribute for their logo. We designed a logo with the rounded rectangle as the basic shapes. Our intention is for the logo to be able to break every rule of consistency and still come out as graceful as it would mean to be. No laws would be applicable here other than the suitable basic logo shapes and colours.


The visual strategy is not only for its flexibility but also for its longevity. The problematic product themes not only has become the advantage to push the brand further but also go hand in hand with the logo. Expanding the realm of visuals for the brand with endless possibilities.


The only rule there is for this logo is there aren't any.

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