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When the brand offers an empathic approach to the customers, as always, they will feel connected. However, it will not work when it delivers a message of sympathy. The difference is quite apparent but put it into building a brand with these messages, and the difference seems vague. These two terms are frequently used mutually, and they have different outcomes.

Sympathy tells a feeling of compassion, sorry or pity for the hardships the others face. On the hand, empathy – putting oneself into the other shoes. Moreover, walk a million miles.

Sympathy comes naturally while seeing the others are in pain, to feel their heartfelt situation. Where else, empathy requires to be part of their position. Alternatively, even when we are willing to listen and speaks out our own experiences that connect the others. In short, empathy takes effort which it is not easy. Also, it provides real and tangible to improve a relationship and build rapport; sympathy is an empty talk that disconnect us from others.

There was a public service announcement ran by Save the Children UK that continues with the previously filmed campaign ad. In this ad, it shows the true story of child refugees and how to Save the Children organization has taken action to help the refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

The previous campaign ad was relating to the real life when your land is being wracked with conflict. While the first video did an excellent job installing the empathy for the people of UK, the purpose of this ad is to campaign the solution & effort taken to support the children escaping from the conflict zones and also to enable them to start a new life with better education and protection.

In my point of view, personally thinks that sympathetic ads will not works as well as the empathetic ones. The two episodes of the PSA is to let the audience empathize that this situation can happen to you and this is what it feels like.  The ad campaign has no intention of reflecting the Syrian refugee. The evening news and highlight of the newspaper already took care of it. Instead, they portrayed a British girl, and the scenes were made in London. Nothing about Syria or Syrians. Because it is not about the pity, but the empathy among us human beings had we been in the same situation. The strategy was clear, and the audiences were well targeted

By improving the brand relationship among the customers, we should always open to listen to what they faced and what they want. When a brand is willing to hear the customers need and responds, empathy will come along. When the customers experience the understanding within the brand, they will be ready to engage.

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