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Storiiu, established as a fun, youthful brand, is a contemporary company which offers premium beverage products. Storiiu strives for a simple goal of bringing its products and stories to the masses. With a fresh and unique approach to distributing its beverages, Storiiu hopes to deliver the best F&B experience to its customers. Since Storiiu has a firm believe that behind every great taste is a great story, the story and overall outlook of its brand seem to be the most important elements of all.

Storiiu aims to bring in stories worth sharing from all over the world. An identity is therefore needed in order to bring out this message in a credible, yet approachable and friendly way. The company name is derived from their tagline, “Sailing great stories to(II) you(u)!”. Hence, the sense of adventurous figure should be depicted through their activities of not just being an importer & distributor of foreign brands, but also empowering the local food and beverage industry.

A well-documented identity system and also its applications are crucial to ensure the consistency in the execution of the brand. Storiiu needs a platform to propagate their brand stories and also the latest updates of activities, thus a website is the most suitable medium to perform effectively. A product page with detailed products description should also be included in under the flagship of the Storiiu. Solutions: The feelings that we want to evoke is the sense of adventure and freedom. Nothing best suits the strong desire for a blue sky, together with an adventure beyond the fear of encountering the unknown of the oceans. The perfect vessel for these is a yacht, which is wind-driven and can only be handled by a well-experienced explorer. Storiiu is in such a way that makes it stand out in the industry.



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