Hari Raya Packet for Your Company

This year, Cartier Creative helps to design best-looking GREEN PACKET for all the BUSINESS OWNERS.

Green Packet Customization for the Bizz Owner

✔ the simplest technique to promote your brand or business
reward your customers/clients during the fasting month of Ramadan🎁

Here’s the sample of our ideas that suits all the business.
We’ve played around with the modern batik patterns and lines that normally see in the Malay traditional clothing.

Need a unique green packet that suits your business?

No worries, we would like to hear from you and help to customize one for your business.
Let’s contact and meet up to discuss the ideas!

Call/ WhatsApp: 011-1123 2809
Email: ting@cartiercreative.net

Ying Ting

Ying Ting —— a Key Account who helps clients to brainstorm on the brand strategist, build the relationship with clients and manage the digital marketing of the company. I'm a person who loves planning and at the same time running a personal business. I'm available for branding consultancy. Kindly contact me through ting@cartiercreative.net.

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