Collaboration kills obscurity

It’s mind-boggling how some creatives would offer their service for $5 but refuse to collaborate in a bona fide project with other creatives to gain traction. It might not be an immediate potential lead but just to get out of that obscurity every creative are having at that moment. Not to mention, a good portfolio and case study to share with your potential clients.

We have done some collaboration with not only creative but also a non-profit organisation. I would not say it gain us any financial results in it, but it is definitely refreshing getting to know people and learn knowledge from other field and discipline.

Brand strategist Melinda Livsey emphasis on collaboration in her side project with lettering artist Anthony Banks which is impressive and has the potential to turn into a business. It’s a product which is fun and targeted too. I hope it will turn into a product on the shelves for cat lover… or hater. Check them out here

@melindalivesey @anthonybanks

Previously, we collaborated with a team of people we know to produce an upcycle fashion showcase. We assembled everybody who bought it into the project’s agenda. The group consist of the photographer, Shanghwan, fashion designer Rachel Kong, prop designer Emmy Kong, hair stylist, makeup artist, Tammy and models. On the day of the event, we meet people who share the interest. It was a great night, and I learn so much about the fashion industry.



The partnership builds trust.
There are so much to gain in a pet project because the cost of making and designing are the least concerned matters for creative people. Talk is really a commodity here, and the values of it go down every day as the world of internet progress at a fast pace with so many contents and noises. The trust started to build up as your work built up. Through a collaboration of projects, we get to know each other skills and behaviour better. We build relationship among ourselves. This relationship is the core of the future cooperation of a real client-funded project.

Do better work.
The world does not need another mediocre work. We need more inspiring work. A more targeted action for certain people with individual interest. Stop doing the art for the masses. When we have that agenda in mind, we realise we need people who appreciate the mastery they have to make it. An excellent creative have their skill perfected to a mastery level or at least intend to be. The synergy of a group of mastery can indeed produce great work to show to the world.

Leveraging the network.
We all have our friends who appreciate the art we produce. We have our clients who love what we are doing for them. We have our fan base, regardless of what the size is. We belong to a tribe somehow some way. Collaboration can bring these tribes together because of the same values the collaborative partners share in the first place. This is how people get to know you. A client who appreciate good work would want the right person on board.

Collaboration always put into a halt when it involves money and time. It’s really a choice of how we show the world what we are capable of. It’s just a way. It might not work and go against your values. You might prefer to do other things only to meet the ends, or lamenting the competition and the market and that’s alright. But if you think that the world deserves your art, and you deserved to get noticed, this might be your best bet.

In the end, it’s not about doing or giving free stuff to the world. It’s about getting out of that obscurity of which hinders you from showing your great art.

Bryan Chen

Bryan Chen is a brand strategist, brand manager and consultant. He helps his client discover the reason for their brand existence through brand strategy and prioritise their branding efforts to achieve their business goal. His clients are like Giant B Melaka, Funwater France, TTW Los Angeles and many more. He believes that no successful brand can be imitated or copied and have the same outcome simply because of our differences be it our agenda, culture, worldview or goals. Just like businesses, branding is an infinite game with lots of intentional failing, learning and growing. Before he makes stuff, he would like to find out why. Cause... The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. —Mark Twain. The same goes for your business.

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