The secrets to Building your Brand

Make your brand stand above the crowd

The marketplace has changed. Technology has evolved the way we market and advertise. Shortened attention spans make building a relationship with your consumer all that more difficult.  

The most important question we should always start with is

How do we connect to our consumers?

Big bold logos and funny catch phrases aren’t enough to define your brand.   

The key is a great content marketing strategy. Content is the meat to your hamburger, and marketing strategy is your secret sauce. But first, as a recipe is important to making a meal, so is a clearly defined tactical roadmap.

What is Content Marketing and why is it absolutely necessary for your Brand?

“Content Marketing is a master plan marketing approach which focuses on creating and delivering valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.”

Content as you know it includes:

Articles, posts, tweets, images, infographics, illustrations, product descriptions, tutorials, case studies, advertisements, basically any and all information regarding your brand.

What are your benefits? Your products? How do they function? Regardless of category or industry anything that describes your brand can be marketable content you could use.

These days we’re not just limited to TV, Radio, Billboards or Newspapers. We have blogs, websites, social media, magazines both online and offline and any other happy medium that’s accessible in seconds at the touch of our fingertips.

Why create content?

It is not enough to just have a beautiful website that describes you and your products anymore. Consumers want to be connected and engaged with. They want to know your knowledge and expertize, your voice and brand identity.

Content helps you attract, convert and retain consumers to your brand and products. It gives you the ability to positively influence how they perceive your brand. By creating that relationship with your consumer base, greater sales and loyalty increases towards your brand.

How to develop great Content Marketing Strategy

Allocate a budget and team for your Content Marketing

First of all, you need resources and allocating a budget is the first step. A dedicated team focused on developing a strategic roadmap and executing your content strategy needs to be setup and integrated into your marketing department.  This will assist you in being consistent with your marketing efforts and effectively meet your marketing goals.

Know your consumers

Your consumers are the heart of your content strategy. Know your target audience. Tailor each content piece to each of your target segments. Personalize your content. Recognize your consumers have individual needs and require different content.

Understand what your consumers need and want.

Understand your market. Who are they? What are their issues, challenges, and aspirations? How do they behave towards your category and brand? How do they shop? What information do they want? What are their social media habits?

By learning about your consumers you are able to better cater to their desires.

Define the goals of your Content Strategy

Your goals depend on your target audience. It highly depends on how you want to target your consumers. Do you aim to raise brand awareness among your potential consumers or increase your sales? Does your brand image need to be shifted? Or do you just want to better engage with your loyal consumers?

The secret to creating great content is to provide solutions to your consumers. Create content that provides your consumers with answers to their problems. Educate your audience. Create content that is knowledgeable and engaging. Use your experience to inspire. By providing credible and valuable content you build a stronger relationship with your consumers.

Identify your brand’s voice. Are you playful or serious? The writing tone of your content should always reflect your brand and reinforce your brand values.

Most important of all, Communicate your Brand message.

At the heart of your content should always be your brand message. By targeting your audience needs and wants you can resonate and impact their lives. Educate your audience about your brand, your products, and benefits. By using your content to make your brand memorable you create stronger connections with your consumers.

Content marketing is essential to develop and grow your brand. With great strategy and great content, you can build a better relationship with your consumer base which will always lead to greater sales.  Place your consumers at its heart to create compelling content and successfully reach your customers.


Bryan Chen

Bryan Chen is a brand strategist, brand manager and consultant. He helps his client discover the reason for their brand existence through brand strategy and prioritise their branding efforts to achieve their business goal. His clients are like Giant B Melaka, Funwater France, TTW Los Angeles and many more. He believes that no successful brand can be imitated or copied and have the same outcome simply because of our differences be it our agenda, culture, worldview or goals. Just like businesses, branding is an infinite game with lots of intentional failing, learning and growing. Before he makes stuff, he would like to find out why. Cause... The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. —Mark Twain. The same goes for your business.

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