Love It or Hate It?

Every country has its own culinary culture that everyone loves it, or even tourist will give a try when visited the country. The same culinary wouldn’t taste the same on the other side of the globe. The original ones are always the best.

There are a few food and snacks that are being repurposed in its ingredients to a whole new level. For example, chilli chocolate, wasabi ice cream, durian mochi and many more.

Therefore, there are some brands are creating a new flavour for their products that suits the Malaysians’ taste — Nasi Lemak, the most iconic national dish.

Nasi Lemak Cake
I’ve believed most of you had heard of this. It was invented last year by Jennifer Yap and her mother at Tiana Kitchen in Damansara. They were inspired by a photo in social media showing a nasi lemak cake, then they decided to try it with own recipe. Surprisingly, the cake turns out very well. Therefore, Jennifer wants to start a market on the products, and later she’s been receiving many daily orders. They have a variation of nasi lemak cake with different toppings, such as fried chicken, fish, beef rendang or squid.

Nasi Lemak Ice Cream
Have you heard of hot savoury dishes could turn into a cold savoury-sweet dessert? In Alor Setar, Kedah, Skream Softserve has introduced Nasi Lemak Softserve. It was created by Melissa Tan. She wants to make her favourite savoury dish to ice cream that inspired the people, and they may enjoy. What you have in nasi lemak, you will find it on the ice cream as it comes with the toppings of anchovies, cucumber, egg and even sambal.

Nasi Lemak Tau Fu Fah
There’s another savoury-sweet dessert was introduced at Dáo at Subang Jaya. Dáo is a dessert cafe founded in May 2018. To celebrate the National Day, they were the first to have nasi lemak tau fu fah (soft beancurd) in town. The nasi lemak tau fu fah was topped with homemade sambal and pair with peanuts and anchovies. This dessert tasted as high as the nasi lemak but with half the guilt as it has lower carbs.

Nasi Lemak Mooncake
During the Mid Autumn Festival in Malaysia, among the industries of mooncake always came out with a new flavour every year. This year, Casahana by HYT Food Industries wanted to add a spicy flavour towards their traditional mooncake. To have the mild and sweet fusion in the mooncake, it combines the exquisite sambal with coconut milk and lotus paste.

I’m really impressed with talented people who use ordinary food and diversify it into a different kind of food by using the flavour of nasi lemak. I look forward to seeing more new invent food with an extraordinary flavour that would make people love or hate kind of situation.

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